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January 10, 2003
The Next Link: Building Sustainable Communities, is off to a tremendous start. Within the first 10 months of its inception, project leaders have met with great success in garnering support and meeting production goals. Endorsements have come from Senator Patrick Leahy (former chair of the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee), the Vermont Department of Agriculture, the Honorable Madeline Kunin (former Vermont governor and Ambassador to Switzerland) and Vermont’s former Lieutenant Governor, Doug Racine, and dialogue has been initiated with the French Ministry of Agriculture in regards to agricultural exchanges. Between March and July of 2002, educators, students, senior citizens, community leaders and representatives from the agricultural community convened for workshops focusing on the construction of the curriculum manual (no plural) to accompany the film. By September of 2002, the first draft of the pilot manual (approximately 120 pages) was completed and is currently under revision, while project activities have already been implemented in classrooms from the kindergarten through university levels. Plans are already underway for the next round of workshops, scheduled for summer, 2003, to refine the current manual.

January 15, 2002
Numerous organizations and individuals are currently rallying to make The Last Link’s educational project available nationally. Endorsed by Vermont Lt. Governor Doug Racine and various educators from around the country, we are advancing towards the establishment of localized oral history libraries (based out of local schools), using the film as a model. Most recently, we have joined forces with Food Works, a Vermont-based, non-profit national curriculum designer specializing in sustainable culture and heritage, especially in agricultural communities, and have received a pledges of support from RETN (Regional Educational Television Network) local programming.

Preliminary work sessions with educators, community leaders, and students begin this month to design a summer curriculum development institute centered around The Last Link.

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