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Humanities Scholars

Adrian Blasquez (Basque Culture Consultant; Research)
Taught at the University of the Basque Country for 10 years, presently teaches Modern History at the University of Pau in France. Since 1992, he has been working with a research team on anthropological, historical, social, cultural and economic study of the Basco-Béarnais emigration to The Americas. The study focuses on letters exchanged between the emigrants and their families who stayed behind in France.

Kate Camino (Basque Culture Consultant; Research)
Born to Basque parents, and raised in Buffalo, Wyoming, Kate received her education in both the United States and France. Upon completing her Master's Degree in French at the University of Nevada, Reno, she joined the Basque Studies Program at the university, teaching Basque language and culture and conducting research. She is presently the President of Reno's Zazpiak Bat Basque Club and the North American correspondent for EITB, Basque Radio and Television.

Sandra Ott (Consultant; Basque Cultural Research)
Having completed graduate work in social/cultural anthropology at the University of Oxford, Sandra specialized in the Basques of the Northern, French Basque country, where she has been conducting fieldwork since 1976. She also spent three years in San Sabastian (Spanish Basque country) directing a Study Abroad program for a university consortium (UNR, Boise State, Basque University), which initially aimed to create a "knowledge link" between American Basques and their ancestral homeland. She speaks Basque, French, and Spanish. Sandra’s Academic Appointments constitute a list of lecturing position at the University of Oxford, the University of Nevada, and Oxford Brookes University. Her experience in media (film and radio) has a broad range, from documentaries such as "The Basques of Santazi" (appearing on PBS, and British, French, Spanish, and Basque television) to consulting for BBC Radio 4, Radio Vatican, and Radio Bayonne.

Her main publications include:

The Basque Studies Newsletter

Aristotle Among the Basques: The Cheese Analogy of Conception. Man, Vol. 14

Blessed Bread, "First Neighbors" & Asymmetrick Exchange in the Basque Country. Archives Européennes de Sociologie, Vol. XXI

The Circle of Mountains. A Basque Shepherding Community. Mariage et remariage dans une communauté montagnarde du Pays Basque. In J.G. Peristiany (ed)

Le prix de l’alliance en Méditerranée. Indarra Some reflections on a Basque concept. In J. Pitt-Rivers (ed) Honor and Grace in Anthropology. Artzain-Komunitate Euskalduna (Bortuko Inguria).

Where the Sky Ends.

Ann Sorrell (Curriculum Development)
As an author, change agent, college adjunct professor, consultant, master teacher (30 yrs.), and technology specialist, Ms. Ann Sorrell has always been interested in helping others learn and understand more about diverse cultures. As the 1991-92 Christa McAuliffe Fellow representing Vermont, she designed, implemented and coordinated the first LAN and WAN and World Languages Website in the South Burlington School District to open up the community to all of the world. She has spoken and consulted over the past 9
years at state and national conventions for many types of organizations (AATF, ACTFL, ASCD, CCC, NARE, NCEE, Vermontfest, VFLA) to help them integrate technology in a meaningful way into their lives. She has published two books entitled Oral Proficiency Manual for Le Français Vivant Level 1
and Oral Proficiency Manual for Le Français Vivant Level 2. She has also been a consultant for the textbook, Le Français Vivant 3, and the entire textbook series, C'est à toi Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Joseba Zulaika (Basque Culture Consultant; Research)
Dr. Joseba Zulaika has been the director of the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada-Reno since January 1, 2000. His ongoing research includes the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum and the ethnography of Bilbao with additional emphasis on global culture, architecture, museum politics, and tourism industries. His primary research interests are Basque culture and politics, the international discourse of terrorism, various traditional occupations (fishermen, hunters, farmers, sheepherders), diasporic and global cultures, history of anthropological thought, theories of symbolism,
ritual and discourse. He has authored and/or co-authored 15 books and numerous articles and essays. He has created the Center's first on-line Basque Culture courses. Joseba is often a consultant to the media on a variety of Basque topics, the latest being 60 Minutes who plans to do a segment on the Basque situation today.

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