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The North American Basque Organizations, Inc., commonly referred to by its acronym N.A.B.O., is a service organization to member clubs with a prime purpose of the preservation, protection, and promotion of the historical, cultural, and social interests of Basques in the United States.  NABO's function is to sponsor activities and events beyond the scope of individual clubs, and to promote exchanges between Basque-Americans and the Basque country. 

N.A.B.O. was founded with the intent of combining the resources of Basque-American organization to preserve and promote the Basque heritage.  We are not a stand-alone organization that accepts individuals as members.  Instead our members are Basque entities or clubs that have formed locally and then joined us.  We now count over thirty entities and we are always looking for more members because that means that Basques are getting together in their own area to form new clubs.

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